Learning & Having Fun

Clients love that our cots are comfortable low 5” height that’s good for older pets with arthritis, puppies and short-legged breeds. And the trainer loves that that our cots inter-stack, which takes up less storage space.  And put the caster legs on the bottom cot to make the stack mobile. And did you see that we can digitally print your logo on the cots?

Outdoor Use Pg or Testimony Pg - Galactic K9 Training 'Phazzie'

I’ve owned my 4Legs4Pets cot for a little over a year and it still looks exactly the same as when I bought it! I love that the material has enough give to provide a comfortable place for my dog, but is sturdy enough to hold its shape over time. Because it’s so lightweight and easy to clean, I take it with me nearly everywhere!

Lauren Serrano, Galactic K9 Training

Dogs at Home

Mahar 4Legs4Pets cots are fantastic! I prefer them to soft dog beds by far.  Not only are they comfortable, easy to clean, great for indoor/outdoor use, optimal for training, but also quite durable.  My husband backed over one with this Tahoe and you’d never know it!!! I recommend them to all of my clients and my dogs love them.

Upward Dog Services