Our Family

James Mahar

James Mahar Patriarch

OWNER & CEO.....Wearing many hats and working long hours every day, keeping everything together.

James’ dog - Georgia - Retired Model now Security Guard…..she keeps an eye on everything, including everyone’s lunches.

Pam Mahar

Pam Mahar Matriarch

Owner, Sales & Marketing…..Her goal is for every dog & cat to own a 4Legs4Pets cot.

Pam’s cat - Moe – A lover, not a fighter; he wants to be petted more than just about anything.

Moe - replacement image - Pam's cat

"Family isn't an important thing. It's Everything."

Michael J. Fox

Michael Mahar

Michael Mahar Son

Steel & Plastic Production Manager.....Beekeeper & busy dad when not managing the cot components production during the day.

Michael's cat - Oliver - 17 years old and still going strong!

Michael's Cat Oliver
Miranda Mahar

Miranda Mahar Daughter

Logo Printing and Sewing Room Manager…..From beginning to end, Miranda oversees the fabric cutting & sewing, as well as prints all the logo cots.

Miranda's cat - Sir - Neighborhood wandering pet of many names.

Sir in black & white-600x600
Nathan Mahar

Nathan Mahar Grandson

Summer helper..…Makes our YouTube videos, bags accessories and does other miscellaneous jobs.

Michael's dog - Luke - German Shorthaired Pointer, loves to model on 4Legs4Pets cot when he’s not roughhousing with his brother, Lucky.

Luke's Dog

"The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family."

Lee Iacocca

Sarah Mayville

Sarah Mayville Niece

Order Entry…..Her bubbly personality is contagious even when she’s not processing orders.

Sarah’s dog – Colt - Great Dane who loves his 52 x 30 cot!

Colts picture-600x450
Natalie Goude

Natalie Goude Michael's Sister-in-Law

Customer Support…..Eager to help, she’s a problem solver, paying attention to detail.

Natalie’s cat – Cloudy - Cloudy is about 2 years old.  When he is not sitting in a window or napping in a high-up place, he enjoys “helping” with projects around the house and “supervising” in the kitchen.

Natalie's Cat Cloudy